Laser Skincare


Microneedling & Radio Frequency (RF) Skin Tightening Treatments:

-One session of Microneedling treatment with Hyaluronic acid infusion and optional RF on the face or neck:  

Promotion $95 (Regular $215)

-Two sessions of Microneedling treatment with Hyaluronic Acid infusion on the face or neck:    

Promotion $165 (Regular $390)

-One session of Radio Frequency Microneedling Skin Tightening treatment and Hyaluronic Acid infusion on the face or neck:

Promotion $175 (Regular $370)

BBL & IPL Photofacial Rejuvenation Treatment:

One session of BBL or IPL with HydraFacial on the face, neck, or hands: 

Promotion $55 (Regular $145)

Two sessions: Promotion $105 (Regular $265)

Laser Hair Removal:

Small area: 



-upper lip


Price for 6 sessions of a small area: $185

Medium area:



-bikini line

Price for 6 sessions of a medium area: $355

Large area:

-full face


-extended bikini



-upper arms


-lower legs

-upper back

-lower back

Price for 6 sessions of a large area: $495

​Note: The above promotional values are in effect till April 30/20 and are limited to one purchase per client.